Ethics Application

We have created a number of resources for teaching teams to use in developing courses using the CER-STEM framework embedding evaluation and research into teaching. We warmly invite collaboration to identify and develop resources to support effective teaching processes and curriculum outcomes and research.

All our work is situated under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (CC BY-SA) licence. We invite you to use our resources and adapt them to suit your specific context.

Example Answers for Ethics Applications

This is an example ‘minimum risk’ ethics application, using the University of Tasmania’s online Ethics Review Manager (ERM). This document can be altered for similar online applications to  adapt it for a specific course or program.

Sample human ethics responses for ERM

Sample Minimum Risk Answers with tips

Sample answers with “tips” to help you adapt and tailor the answers for your project.

Sample answers with tips

Supplementary Documents for Ethics Applications

Example Welcome and Invitation Text

Examples of a welcome and invitation to take part in research.

2A: Your contribution – Student Communication

2B: Your contribution – Staff Communication

Video welcome scripts

3A: Video Welcome Message – Student script

3B: Video Welcome Message – Staff script

Consent Status online form

4A: Information Sheet and consent

4B: Research team and consent statements – students

4C: Consent options -students

4D: Research team and consent status – staff

4E: Consent options – staff

Example Information Sheets

5A: Ethics Information – Students

5B: Ethics Information – Staff

Example Consent Forms

6A:  Ethics Consent – Students

6B:  Ethics Consent – Staff

Data Management

Appendix A1: Data Manager Requirements

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