CER-STEM Resources

We have created a number of resources for teaching teams to use in developing courses using the CER-STEM framework embedding evaluation and research into teaching. We warmly invite collaboration to identify and develop resources to support effective teaching processes and curriculum outcomes and research.

The resources can be found on the following pages:

Ethics Application – a sample ethics application that can be adapted for researching a specific course (degree level) curriculum. It includes sample consent forms, information sheets and supporting documents for a minimum risk social sciences ethics application.

Project and Resource Management – a range of documents that support developing and implementing a team-based approach to quality assuring and researching a course curriculum.

Templates – documents that can be used to manage and document a research project.

Example Workshop (.pdf) – a workshop that can be adapted to scaffold planning a program of research into course curriculum.

All our work is situated under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (CC BY-SA) licence. We invite you to use our resources and adapt them to suit your specific context.

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