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Introductory presentation

An introductory presentation provides an overview of the CER-STEM framework. Including the benefits of a course-wide approach to curricula, which integrates quality improvement, quality assurance and scholarship of learning and teaching and which involves whole teaching teams. Participants are introduced to the resources available and provided with the tools and resources available to help teaching teams utilise the CER-STEM framework.

Course leader’s workshop

This three-hour interactive workshop provides course leaders with tools and resources and advice on how to set up a teaching team for a planned, collective scholarly approach to their teaching and curriculum using the CER-STEM framework. 

Teaching team’s workshop

This three-hour workshop provides teaching teams with tools, resources and advice on integrating Quality Improvement (QI), Quality Assurance (QA) and Scholarship into curricula, using the CER-STEM framework. During this workshop, participants will be guided through the process of developing research questions, a research plan and an ethics application for their course curriculum.

We are happy to discuss your needs or special requests to organise a workshop for your teaching team.

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