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This repository includes teaching and assessment resources developed across Faculties of Science, particularly those to support online learning. All resources here have been curated by experts based on set criteria. If you would like to learn more about this project and how resources are evaluated see here.

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VisChem: visualising the molecular world for a deep understanding of chemistry concepts

First Year • Guided activity, Lecture, Video / Audio • Chemistry, Electrochemistry, General Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Physical chemistry

The VisChem site involves animations and movies on YouTube, a video and text description of the VisChem Learning Design, and two research publications.

All the relevant documentation is also available on the VisChem website.

Guide to conducting Group Work

First Year, Second Year, Third Year • Assessment, Guided activity, Open-ended activity • Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Life sciences

How to teach students to work effectively in groups

Brooke Cagle G1kr4ozfoac Unsplash

Setting Students up for Success with Groupwork

First Year, Honours / Postgraduate, Second Year, Third Year • Assessment, Guided activity, Laboratory • Assessment of transferable skills, Communication skills including science communication, Cross disciplines, Literature research/information analysis skills, Student interaction, Teamwork skills

How to teach students to work effectively in groups


At-Home Labs for First Year Physics

First Year • Guided activity, Laboratory, Open-ended activity • Mechanics, Optics / Waves, Physics, Thermal Physics and Statistics

A set of first-year physics labs that can be conducted with common household equipment

Astronomy K Jackson

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) written assignment

First Year • Assessment, Open-ended activity • Astronomy / Astrophysics, Physics

A written assignment where students use a NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day image to creatively communicate science to a general audience.


Classical Mechanics lectures and tutorials

Second Year, Third Year • Lecture, Problem set, Tutorial, Video / Audio • Mechanics, Physics

A series of lectures and tutorials for a higher year undergraduate course in classical mechanics.


First year mechanics question bank

First Year • Assessment, Problem set • Mechanics, Physics

A bank of over 80 three-part questions covering the mechanics topic. Questions provided as Moodle STACK question type and as a PDF.

Maths At Uq


First Year • Problem set, Video / Audio • Introductory Mathematics, Mathematics and statistics

This resource covers foundational topics from fractions to matrices, providing pre-requisite support to students.

Epsilon Delta 2

Conceptual Learning with Interactive Applets

First Year, Second Year • Laboratory, Lecture, Tutorial • Applied Mathematics, Introductory Mathematics, Mathematics and statistics, Pure Mathematics, Statistics

A collection of applets and supporting resources for enhancing conceptual understanding in undergraduate mathematics and statistics.


Learning chemistry using web-based interaction

First Year • Assessment, Guided activity, Problem set, Tutorial • Analytical chemistry, Chemistry, Electrochemistry, General Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Organic chemistry, Physical chemistry

300 web-based interactive learner-friendly activities dealing with chemical concepts introduced in high school and at first year university.

Kitchen Chemistry

Kitchen chemistry experiments

First Year • Laboratory • Chemistry, General Chemistry

Students can perform chemistry experiments safely at home in their kitchens. These experiments support learning of fundamental chemistry concepts.



First Year • Lecture, Tutorial, Video / Audio • Electromagnetism, Mathematics, Mechanics, Optics / Waves, Physics, Thermal Physics and Statistics

A series of film clips, animations and short tutorials in introductory physics. Physclips has volumes on Mechanics, Sound and Waves, and Light.