Evaluating the Fellowship – invitation to participate

The ACDS-STEM fellowship activities were designed provide staff with a practical and efficient method for ensuring coordinated quality activities related to a course that enable individual and collective outputs related to quality improvement, quality assurance and scholarship. Your participation in the research will help us to evaluate its effectiveness and improve the resources we develop.

The ACDS Fellowship funding and planned dissemination activities (presentations and workshops) formally concluded 31 December 2020. The Fellowship research design incorporates 2-5 year follow-up research activities to track the effectiveness and impact of the Fellowship.

Workshop/ Presentation Evaluation Survey

To support evaluating the Fellowship, anyone who has participated in a workshop, attended a presentation or used the resources are asked complete an online survey. The survey questions are for you to provide feedback and comments. Feedback from the participating teaching teams will be used to contextualise and adapt the resources to STEM disciplines, as needed.

CER-STEM Workshop / Presentation Evaluation Survey

Distributed Leadership Survey

In the last phase of the Fellowship, we wish to conceptualise leadership for active engagement in scholarship within teaching teams. It includes evaluating the CER STEM framework using a leadership lens, to investigate how to ensure team-based scholarship activities are aligned with institutional structures, processes and instruments, so that scholarship can be focussed on degree-level curriculum and can be made visible, monitored, measured and reported against TEQSA standards.

This next stage of data collection is to survey ‘learning and teaching leaders’ to elicit their perspectives and experiences of leadership in the context of implementing the CER framework.

The survey focus is on leadership to reflect the maturing of the project (shift from active dissemination to investigating impact of leadership on implementation).

CER-STEM Distributed Leadership Survey