Science TLO Good Practice Guides

Ideas for using the Science TLOs in course design…

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The Good Practice Guides for the Science Threshold Learning Outcomes were published in 2013 with real examples of use from Australian universities.

The five high level TLOs have not changed so although the guides have not been updated for the 2023 TLOs, they are still a source of useful information and examples. It should be noted, however, that they do not cover all aspects of the revised TLOs.

In the guides you will find:

  • about this learning outcome: literature review
  • where to find more: resources
  • real examples: case studies
  • what’s happening next: future directions

Science Good Practice Guide 2013 TLO1: Understanding Science

Science Good Practice Guide 2013 TLO2: Scientific Knowledge

Science Good Practice Guide 2013 TLO3: Inquiry and Problem-solving

Science Good Practice Guide 2013 TLO4: Communication

Science Good Practice Guide 2013 TLO5: Personal and Professional Responsibility

Some Faculties have used the Science TLOs as design tools in widespread curriculum reform.  The bigger picture ACDS Teaching and Learning Conference 2013 introduced the Good Practice Guides.