Project and Resource Management

We have created a number of resources for teaching teams to use in developing courses using the CER-STEM framework embedding evaluation and research into teaching. We warmly invite collaboration to identify and develop resources to support effective teaching processes and curriculum outcomes and research.

All our work is situated under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (CC BY-SA) licence. We invite you to use our resources and adapt them to suit your specific context.

Example Research Plan

An example of a proposal for elements of a research plan with a focus on how to identify data sets for required evaluation:
The foundation of data for a SoTL program.

E2a: Research Plan

Example Action Plan

An example of a plan to simultaneously develop a planned approach to educational
research (curriculum design, delivery, teaching) and to implement the plan.

E2b: Action Plan

Example Framework

Document that sets out structural and process elements of the CER framework.
Also includes a process diagram of when ethical approval (e.g. amendment) is required.

E2c: Example Framework

Example Learning Management System Pages

Example images of LMS pages including:
* Welcome explaining the research project and invitation to participate
*Consent Status page
*Scholarly outputs generated by a course evaluation and research project

E3a: LMS Examples

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