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Science is about understanding how the living and material world works. It’s also about how to put that understanding to work, to create new inventions and to solve problems. Australian University Science is a twice yearly publication with stories showing how Australian universities make that happen.

Sometimes it is the university scientists themselves who come up with new inventions or solutions. Sometimes it is science graduates using the knowledge and connections that they’ve gained at university. And sometimes it is businesses in search of ideas who connect with university scientists and draw upon their knowledge.

Australian University Science has stories of all these kinds. It is available online or in print. It shows how Australian university science makes active contributions to the problems of clean energy, water, health, and to industry and innovation generally.

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Growing Sovereign Capability [Issue 6: September 2021]

Australian university science is key to building our sovereign capability in manufacturing, medicines, food and agriculture, communications and defence. Decades of research in chemistry, physics, earth and environmental science and biology has equipped us to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing global challenges of the pandemic, climate change and market uncertainty. University science is also the only way we will ensure we have the skilled people we need to ensure this capability into the future.

This issue examines key ways in which university science is delivering on advancing Australia’s sovereign capability: In addressing major global challenges such as tracking sinks and sources of carbon emissions, in equipping us to deal with the evolving pandemic crisis, and in developing our capabilities in defence and battery manufacture.

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Innovation Futures [Issue 5: May 2021]

This issue of Australian University Science showcases how university science drives innovation, sparks new business opportunities and generates new jobs. Australian University Science has always been critical to small business enterprises, providing research that underpins new products and services, and consulting on R&D that goes beyond short-term gains. Through their unique facilities, deeply knowledgeable people and collaborative ethos, university science creates employment opportunities in growth industries based on research from chemistry, physics, geology and biology that has far reaching impacts for society.

University science also trains graduates with the enterprise skills and scientific knowledge that gives them great capacity to innovate. Examples of these outcomes are too numerous to cover – this issue highlights just some of the ways universities foster innovation and provides examples of some of the most exciting innovations happening in science right now through this long-term vision.

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Industry Futures [Issue 4: November 2020]

In Issue 4 of Australian University Science we explore proven industries developing from fundamental Australian University Science research, including the green economy, quantum science, battery innovation and medical diagnostics.

How does university science ignite future industry? The pandemic saw Australian University Science pivot rapidly into manufacturing personal protective equipment and masks and partnering with industry on the future production of hundreds of millions of vaccine doses. While these are short-term solutions, Australian university sciences joins up research and innovation in Australia: from blue-sky research to innovation, and in doing so develops new industry sectors.

University science creates transferable skills in its graduates and facilitates the translation of research. It is collaborative by nature and has the networks and partnerships to enable the creation of new industries to diversify our economies. In this issue we explore proven industries developing from fundamental Australian University Science research, including the green economy, quantum science, battery innovation and medical diagnostics.

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Global Health Futures [Issue 3: July 2020]

In the early days of the COVID-19 crises, university scientists quickly mobilised to model, trace and track the virus behind COVID-19. Issue 3 of Australian University Science showcases how University science research is a deep repository of knowledge and is uniquely positioned to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, through research across multiple disciplines and targeting many different problem areas.

As Professor John Shine notes in the introduction to this issue, university science in Australia is developing strong candidates for a vaccine with the support of the Centre for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and from global biotech giant CSL, established in Australia in 1916. But the response goes far beyond vaccine research, with a number of cutting-edge molecular biology research and environmental science pivoting into the COVID-19 problem.

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Water Futures [Issue 2: March 2020]

As an increasingly dry continent, Australia faces immense water challenges. Australian universities play a critical role in undertaking research and development to assist in the identification of water management problems, the achievement of water security, and the creation of innovative solutions.

From catalysing new science to ‘pull’ water out of the air using smart fundamental chemistry, to regional universities implementing R&D directly on Australian farms, university science makes critical contributions to water security.

Universities engage at each stage of the innovation cycle to help water managers deliver water security to communities, industries, agriculture and the environment. The stories within this issue highlight university science contribution to enterprise, education and agriculture in Australia.

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Energy Futures [Issue 1: September 2019]

Edition 1 of Australian University Science highlights the role and impact of university science, beginning with the hydrogen economy. It also showcases case studies of exceptional science teams and profiles Australian science graduates working in industry. This is a critical insight into how Australian university science informs, partners and drives innovation domestically and internationally.

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