On this page you will find quick links to current and previous events of the ACDS including copies of presentations.

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Events Summary

Annual General Meeting & Conference

The Annual Conference is scheduled to be held on 22-23 October 2024 in Canberra.

Research Leaders conferences, webinars and forums

National Research Forum

The ACDS 2024 National Research Forum is scheduled to be held on 30-31 July in Victoria.

Research Network Discussion Forum Webinars

2024 Research Network Discussion Forums will be held online – save the dates (12.00 AEST/AEDT)

  • March, Friday 22nd
  • May, Thursday 2nd
  • June, Friday 7th
  • July, Thursday 25th
  • September, Friday 20th
  • October, Thursday 31st

November 2022 – CSIRO Chief Scientist – Dr Bronwyn Fox

August 2022 – Australia’s Chief Scientist

Covid 19 lockdown: its impact on Australian university science research – May 13, May 27 and June 10.  Further details are available here.