Science TLOs

The Science Threshold Learning Outcomes describe what a science graduate show know and be able to do.  They have been adapted for sub-disciplines of science.

The Science TLOs are a national discipline reference point for curriculum design, assessment standards and benchmarking between institutions. The Science TLOs are a consensus view from Australian universities about what a science or mathematical science graduate should know and be able to do. They are important in setting agreed standards for science graduates across the Australian higher education sector.

The Science TLOs are broad because they cover a wide range of disciplines in science and mathematical sciences.  Application of the Science TLOs to a specific course or major requires consideration of how that learning outcomes is represented within an area of knowledge. Problem-solving in mathematics is not the same as problem-solving in ecology.

Alignment of discipline statements with the Science TLOs shows the ideas and themes brought together by our Science Discipline Scholars, Professors Sue Jones and Brian Yates have proved remarkably robust. The ACDS has created a comparison of Science TLOs and disciplines that lines up outcomes from each sub-disciplinary statement against the parent statements from the Science TLOs.

Related disciplines have also published learning outcome statements.