We have created a number of resources for teaching teams to use in developing courses using the CER-STEM framework embedding evaluation and research into teaching. We warmly invite collaboration to identify and develop resources to support effective teaching processes and curriculum outcomes and research.

All our work is situated under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (CC BY-SA) licence. We invite you to use our resources and adapt them to suit your specific context.

Action Plan

This template outlines an action plan for teaching teams using the CER-STEM framework.

T1a: Action Plan

Writing for Publication Proposal

This template is designed for use when a curriculum evaluation research plan is in place with ethics approval for routine data collection and analysis of data. It is intended to support one or more teaching team members to articulate an idea for a research presentation / publication that could arise from activities related to the course teaching and/or curriculum design and delivery, using data available within the framework of the existing ethics approval.

T1b: Writing Proposal Form

Evaluation Matrix

A document/template developed by Rob Phillips in conjunction with the book Evaluating e-learning. Phillips, R., McNaught, C., & Kennedy, G. (2012). Evaluating elearning: Guiding research and practice. New York, Routledge.

T1c: Evaluation Matrix Scaffold

Research Project Proposal

A template that can be used by individuals within a teaching team to submit a proposal for a sub-research project that can be included under the course evaluation-research project (may or may not need an ethics amendment).

Mechanism for Chief Investigator to keep track of (and control) use of data available under the Ethics approval. Also to identify synergies and overlap in teaching team projects.

T1d: Proposal for a Research Project

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