What is WIL leadership?

Wil Leadership Framework

Patrick et al. (2014) 1.9Patrick et al. (2014). Leading WIL: A distributed leadership approach to enhance work integrated learning: final report 2014. provide a model for distributed leadership in WIL that groups the actions required under five domains:

  • Shaping the WIL vision
  • Creating and sustaining WIL relationships
  • Fostering WIL engagement, expertise and student learning
  • Communicating and influencing WIL
  • Driving organisational and joint industry/university WIL outcomes

The WIL development framework (above), developed by Gaon Mitchell and Mark Tolson from Deakin University, builds upon these five domains. It highlights six domains of action that must operate synergistically to build a coherent WIL strategy. Each domain crosses organisational boundaries and is built on contributions from governance, faculties and divisions.