Webinars – Indigenous science CoP

Webinar December 9, 2021

Theme: Embedding First Nations Health within Curriculum
Dr Ngaree Blow and Joanne Bolton
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Webinar November 4, 2021

Theme: Crafting an on-Country learning experience at Budj Bim
Associate Professor Juliana Kaya Prpic, The University of Melbourne
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Webinar September 16, 2021

The National Indigenous Science Education Program: Facilitating Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in Secondary and Higher Education
Joanne Jamie (Macquarie University) and Deb Breckenridge (DET, NSW)

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Webinar August 5, 2021

Theme: Better in Blak: an ethical journey towards decolonising the Science curriculum through exposure to Indigenous Knowledge systems
Matthew Pye, Rebecca Cross, and Fran van den Berg, The University of Sydney

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Webinar June 17, 2021

Theme: Building Bridges: Embedding Indigenous Science Into Mainstream STEM Curriculum
Reva Ramiah, Brenda Rohl, Tracey Kickett, and Allison Blyth, Curtin University

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Webinar June 02, 2021

Theme: Overcoming barriers – Teaching for diversity and equity in STEM
Reva Ramiah (Curtin University)
Lisa Godinho (The University of Melbourne)
Angela Ziebell (Monash University)
Joanne Castelli (University of Western Australia)
Stephen George-Williams (The University of Sydney).

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