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On this page you will find links to previous recordings of ACDS Indigenous Science Community of Practice webinars (including presentations where available).

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Webinar May 16, 2024

Theme: “Embedding First Nations Australian histories and cultures into Science”
Presenter: Associate Professor Joe Sambono
[not recorded]

CoP online discussion April 18, 2024

Focus: General discussion, raise issues, plan the year, and work out who is doing what

Webinar July 6, 2023

Theme: Matāuranga and Pūtaiao Māori – Māori Knowledge and Science
Presenter: Dr Sara Belcher from the Victoria University, New Zealand
Video recording

Webinar June 1, 2023

Theme: What Science students need is what we need too: a journey into a different way of seeing.
Presenters: Dr. Judy-anne Osborn, Monash University and Associate Professor Michael Donovan, La Trobe University.
Video recording

Webinar April 27, 2023

Theme: STEM related experiences of working remote and urban, including some practical examples of how educators can embed Aboriginal perspectives in their teaching practice.
Presenter: Cally Jetta
Slides from the webinar are available here and you can also watch the video recording.

Webinar February 16, 2023

To kick off the year off the February 2023 ACDS CoP was a journal club. The focus was discussion of an adult learning theory (transformative learning) that works well in many environments, but it especially values the learner challenging their own premises.
A background paper about transformative learning is available here. Slides from the webinar are available here.

Webinar October 20, 2022

Theme: Incorporating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and perspectives into the science undergraduate curriculum
Presenters: John Shannahan, Heather Pate, Renae Isaacs-Guthridge, Kenneth Hayward, Robert Somerville, Annette Koenders.

> Video recording and
Infusing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Knowledge and Perspective into Science Curricula (padlet.com)

Webinar August 11, 2022

Theme: Indigenous Data Sovereignty, Higher Education, and Ethics: The Story of how Kannabi became Wise
Presenters: Prof Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews of the University of Western Sydney

> Video recording

Webinar July 14, 2022

Theme: Indigenising curriculum in IT and Health and Physical Education
Presenters: Dr Rosetta Romano, Dr Michael Davies, University of Canberra

> Video recording

Webinar June 2, 2022

Theme: Beyond individual approaches: Systematic approaches to Indigenous curriculum design
Presenters: Professor Susan Page, Director of Indigenous Learning and Teaching, Western Sydney University

> View the presentation and references
> Video recording

Webinar April 1, 2022

The first webinar for 2022 was a discussion on an important paper by Susan Page, Michelle Trudgett and Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews

> Read the paper Creating a degree-focused pedagogical framework to guide Indigenous graduate attribute curriculum development
> Video recording

Webinar December 9, 2021

Theme: Embedding First Nations Health within Curriculum
Dr Ngaree Blow and Joanne Bolton
> Video recording

Webinar November 4, 2021

Theme: Crafting an on-Country learning experience at Budj Bim
Associate Professor Juliana Kaya Prpic, The University of Melbourne
> Video recording

Webinar September 16, 2021

The National Indigenous Science Education Program: Facilitating Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in Secondary and Higher Education
Joanne Jamie (Macquarie University) and Deb Breckenridge (DET, NSW)

Video recording

Webinar August 5, 2021

Theme: Better in Blak: an ethical journey towards decolonising the Science curriculum through exposure to Indigenous Knowledge systems
Matthew Pye, Rebecca Cross, and Fran van den Berg, The University of Sydney

Video recording

Webinar June 17, 2021

Theme: Building Bridges: Embedding Indigenous Science Into Mainstream STEM Curriculum
Reva Ramiah, Brenda Rohl, Tracey Kickett, and Allison Blyth, Curtin University

Video recording

Webinar June 02, 2021

Theme: Overcoming barriers – Teaching for diversity and equity in STEM
Reva Ramiah (Curtin University)
Lisa Godinho (The University of Melbourne)
Angela Ziebell (Monash University)
Joanne Castelli (University of Western Australia)
Stephen George-Williams (The University of Sydney).

Video recording
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