University science has grown into much more than the pursuit of fundamental discoveries, although that remains the well-spring for all that it does. University science now reaches out to engage at every stage of the cycle in which knowledge is turned into new and better ways of doing things.  The ACDS runs a number of events and provides a means for information sharing and collaboration to all those interested in science and mathematics research. 

The ACDS magazine Australian University Science highlights the interplay between university science research and industry as well as showcasing examples of how science works and the importance of supporting research at all stages .

The previous issues of the magazine are available here.

Issue 9 will be available in April 2023 with a focus on the ‘Innovation Pipeline’ and presents brief and compelling case studies of Australian university science as value chains across environmental, physical, chemical and biological sciences, with timelines of takeoff from fundamental to applied research.

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Latest Research News

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Research Leaders Network

The ACDS Research Leaders Network is a forum for research organisational leaders in Australia’s science faculties and schools. It is intended to promote the generation and exchange of ideas on managing and sustaining the research culture of science faculties and schools. It will strive to inform national consensus and national policy positions for development by the ACDS, that will help Australia’s science deans maintain and expand the quality and influence of university science research in Australia.

National Research Forum

The ACDS National Research Forum is held annually in September, for those with leadership roles in research, graduate students and engagement. The last face-to-face Forum was held in 2019 at Macquarie University. The Forum was opened by the CEO of the ARC Professor Sue Thomas, speaking on Engagement and Impact Assessment. Dr Cathy Foley, CSIRO Chief Scientist, and Dr Ian Dagley, Chief of Science Partnerships and Engagement Division in DST, spoke about university partnerships with their organisations. The Forum also included presentations on graduate student education, the role of discipline decadal plans and the cost of doing research. Read more about the 2019 forum and view the presentations here.