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Epsilon Delta 2

Conceptual Learning with Interactive Applets

First Year, Second Year • Laboratory, Lecture, Tutorial • Applied Mathematics, Introductory Mathematics, Mathematics and statistics, Pure Mathematics, Statistics

A collection of applets and supporting resources for enhancing conceptual understanding in undergraduate mathematics and statistics.

Kitchen Chemistry

Kitchen chemistry experiments

First Year • Laboratory • Chemistry, General Chemistry

Students can perform chemistry experiments safely at home in their kitchens. These experiments support learning of fundamental chemistry concepts.

Vibrations On Wire

Vibrations on a wire practical

First Year • Guided activity, Laboratory, Video / Audio • Optics / Waves, Physics

Videos and worksheet of standing waves on a wire practical activity.

Mysc Ope

MyScope Training

Honours / Postgraduate, Third Year • Assessment, Guided activity, Laboratory, Tutorial • Cross disciplines, Practical skills

MyScope Training is an online learning environment that combines theory with practice to train researchers to use various advanced microscopes.

Campus Flora

Campus Flora

First Year, Honours / Postgraduate, Second Year, Third Year • Guided activity, Laboratory • Biological Sciences, Life sciences, Medicine & Allied Health Sciences

App for mapping plants on university campus


Science and Mathematics Simulations (SciMS)

First Year, Second Year, Third Year • Assessment, Laboratory, Simulation, Tutorial • Electromagnetism, Mathematics, Mechanics, Optics / Waves, Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Thermal Physics and Statistics

SciMS is a set of online interactive simulations written with Geogebra/ Javascript demonstrating a particular mathematical or physical concept.

5 Minute Physics

Five minute physics

First Year, Second Year, Third Year • Guided activity, Laboratory, Lecture • Electromagnetism, Mathematics, Mechanics, Optics / Waves, Physics, Thermal Physics and Statistics

Modules to support undergraduate physics with pages containing teaching material in the form of text, images, videos and interactive simulations.