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Problem set


Classical Mechanics lectures and tutorials

Second Year, Third Year • Lecture, Problem set, Tutorial, Video / Audio • Mechanics, Physics

A series of lectures and tutorials for a higher year undergraduate course in classical mechanics.


First year mechanics question bank

First Year • Assessment, Problem set • Mechanics, Physics

A bank of over 80 three-part questions covering the mechanics topic. Questions provided as Moodle STACK question type and as a PDF.

Maths At Uq


First Year • Problem set, Video / Audio • Introductory Mathematics, Mathematics and statistics

This resource covers foundational topics from fractions to matrices, providing pre-requisite support to students.


Learning chemistry using web-based interaction

First Year • Assessment, Guided activity, Problem set, Tutorial • Analytical chemistry, Chemistry, Electrochemistry, General Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Organic chemistry, Physical chemistry

300 web-based interactive learner-friendly activities dealing with chemical concepts introduced in high school and at first year university.