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Honours / Postgraduate, Third Year
Assessment, Guided activity, Laboratory, Tutorial
Cross disciplines, Practical skills
Mycroscopy Australia
Mar 2021

MyScope Training is an online learning environment that combines theory with practice to train researchers to use various advanced microscopes.

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About this resource


MyScope Training was developed by Microscopy Australia to provide an online learning environment to train researchers to use advanced microscopes. The platform provides insights into the fundamental science behind different types of microscopes, explores what can and cannot be measured by different systems and provides a realistic operating experience on high end microscopes.



Pedagogical backing


We wanted to reduce face to face training times for advanced microscopes in order to give our platform scientists around the country more time to work on research, technique development and maintenance. By making sure users have already understood the theory, confirmed by passing the module quiz, and have some basic experience operating the instrument using a simulator, before meeting with the platform scientists it has reduced face to face training times by 25%. Because it is a free, open access, online resource it has been used in undergraduate and post graduate courses all around the world. It has rapidly become known as the leading online microscopy training tool and is used by ~160,000 users each year.

How is the resource used

Completely depends on how much or little of the resource is used. You can tailor module and quizzes to be as short or long as you like. To do all of the content across Myscope it would take weeks. However, a tailored module could be done in an hour.

MyScope Training includes theory, practice – using online simulators, and testing understanding with a quiz. Within each module there is the option to ‘Tailor the Module’ at the bottom of the menu bar. This allows teachers to select only the sections of the module relevant to their course. For example if you were teaching Physics you could focus on the sections about the fundamental science behind microscopes. In biology maybe there would be more interest in sample preparation for light microscopes. If teaching geology you could tailor the module to just show the elemental mapping techniques. Once you select the sections of interest it generates a custom link that can be shared with the class. Once they have digested the theory they can try their hand and operating an online microscope simulator. Finally, they can test their understanding with a quiz. Passing the quiz is how we judge if a researcher is ready to move onto in-person training on a microscope. The quiz currently cannot be customised, and is randomly generated from a large pool of questions from across the module, so is more appropriate for classes or researchers learning about the whole technique.
Asynchronous student interaction. For developing observation, note taking, literature research/information analysis skills, assessment of transferable skills, reflection and metacognitive development, critical thinking/problem solving.

We have another resource, MyScope Explore (, a more basic version of MyScope Training, which was used in a pedagogy study on undergraduate students completing a summer intensive microscopy course at Newcastle University. The results have yet to be published. Other articles – no specific students, all based on core facility stats:


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