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Open-ended activity


At-Home Labs for First Year Physics

First Year • Guided activity, Laboratory, Open-ended activity • Mechanics, Optics / Waves, Physics, Thermal Physics and Statistics

A set of first-year physics labs that can be conducted with common household equipment

Astronomy K Jackson

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) written assignment

First Year • Assessment, Open-ended activity • Astronomy / Astrophysics, Physics

A written assignment where students use a NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day image to creatively communicate science to a general audience.


BioLab Collective – Foundational Laboratory Training

First Year, Honours / Postgraduate, Second Year, Third Year • Assessment, Open-ended activity • Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Life sciences, Medicine & Allied Health Sciences

Hands-on video demonstration of laboratory skills in molecular biosciences.