Science and Mathematics Simulations (SciMS)

First Year, Second Year, Third Year
Assessment, Laboratory, Simulation, Tutorial
Electromagnetism, Mathematics, Mechanics, Optics / Waves, Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Thermal Physics and Statistics
University of Queensland
Mar 2021

SciMS is a set of online interactive simulations written with Geogebra/ Javascript demonstrating a particular mathematical or physical concept.

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About this resource


SciMS is a set of online interactive simulations (and supporting material) covering topics in mathematics and physics. Each page contains a simulation written using Geogebra or Javascript demonstrating a particular mathematical or physical concept. Students can interact with the simulations by changing input parameters and settings, and observing the resulting impact on the system.



Pedagogical backing


Active learning and the flipped classroom approach has led to a demonstrated improvement in students’ ability to understand complex physical concepts. Online, interactive simulations are seen as a pathway towards deeper learning.
The flipped classroom approach has been successful and proven popular amongst students. To enhance the class preparation materials, multiple simulations with associated teaching packages have been developed, increasing interactivity with the goal to ensure that students are better prepared for on-campus contact sessions.

How is the resource used

Simulations are made available to all educators. They may be used for lecture preparation, in-class activities, and assessable work completed by students outside class. Most simulations are scaffolded with questions to guide student investigation. Some simulations include exemplar worksheets.

Student evaluation

Simulations from this resource have been incorporated into the syllabus of a number of courses at the University of Queensland.


Tim McIntyre, The University of Queensland,
Margaret Wegener, The University of Queensland,
Carlos Ponce Campuzano, The University of Queensland,
Isaac Lenton, The University of Queensland,

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