Vibrations on a wire practical

Vibrations On Wire
First Year
Guided activity, Laboratory, Video / Audio
Optics / Waves, Physics
Deakin University
Mar 2021

Videos and worksheet of standing waves on a wire practical activity.

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About this resource


A set of videos of a lecturer performing a standing waves on a wire practical demonstration. The lecturer calls out data while the video feed allows virtual measurements to be taken. An accompanying worksheet is provided.


Less than 1 hr

Pedagogical backing


Learning outcomes are provided in the accompanying worksheet to guide students or teachers. The video feed allows students to take some measurements directly, while other data is called out by the lecturer as they perform the experiment. These videos were developed as part of a first year undergraduate course in engineering physics. They were intended as a virtual activity suitable for distance education.

How is the resource used

The authors recommend using these videos as a virtual laboratory activity for distance education, or in place of a face-to-face activity for students unable to be present on campus. An accompanying worksheet is provided with student activities and learning outcomes.

Student evaluation

In 2020 this resource was used with all first year undergraduate engineering students at Deakin University. Students were observed to be able to perform the virtual experiment successfully. Previous trials of similar activities are presented in conference papers available in the resource folder.


John Long, Deakin University,
Sam Thomas, Deakin University

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