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A Virtual Field Trip Application


Depending on the activity design

Pedagogical backing


Beyond the impact of COVID-19, field trips are an important resource for students allowing them to see practical applications of learnt theoretical concepts. However, various factors have made organising field trips challenging. This resources seeks to alleviate many of those factors while allowing educators to reap some of the benefits of a in-person field trip.

How is the resource used

The resources is meant to be a tool within an experiential learning activity. It has also been designed in a manner which allows it to be transferrable across disciplines and locations. Sample lessons have been included in the resource package.

Student evaluation

The resource has been tested across disciplines – horticulture (year 2), agronomy (year 1) and agribusiness (year 2 and post-grad). The affordance of a field trip especially one that is a distance away from campus and one which students who enrol externally to a course can also experience has been found to be the biggest benefit. Students have also found the acitvities designed around the resource to be relevant and it has allowed the educators to draw students out of their shell with connected activities tapping on their experiences.


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