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Initiatives of Australian universities to increase Indigenous student enrolment in and compl...

Initiatives of Australian universities to increase Indigenous student enrolment in and completion of science courses

A study has been undertaken to understand the initiatives presently in place at Science faculties of Australian universities to assist in the enrolment, retention and completion of Indigenous people within science courses, as a means of identifying current practices and exemplars. The project was commissioned by the University of Tasmania’s College of Sciences and Engineering […]

The latest issue of Australian University Science: Water Futures is out now

As an increasingly dry continent, Australia faces immense water challenges. Australian universities play a critical role in undertaking research and development to assist in the identification of water management problems, the achievement of water security, and the creation of innovative solutions. From catalysing new science to ‘pull’ water out of the air using smart fundamental […]

ACDS launches new publication – Australian University Science

Exposing the impact of university science on society, innovation, and on addressing global challenges Australia’s strong science research and education are integral to how our Australian society and economy develops. Universities have a critical role as partners in innovation, leading to improved, smarter technologies and better, healthier lives. University science delivers big new ideas, new […]

STEM Teaching Crisis

May 10th 2019 STEM Teaching Crisis A report released today by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) highlights ‘swelling secondary student numbers and a drought in mathematically qualified teachers’. The same statement could well be said of teachers qualified in physics and chemistry. This is a fundamental problem that undermines all of the strategies to […]

ACDS AGM condemns interference in ARC grants

In solidarity with our colleagues in the humanities and social sciences, and via a unanimous resolution of its Annual General Meeting, the ACDS deplores the unwarranted and unreasonable intervention of the Minister for Education in vetoing the award of a tranche of ARC grants. We call upon the Minister to explain the basis on which […]

Deans study maths’ role in uni success

The Australian Australian Edition Publish Date: 23 May 2018 22:00 Section: HIGHEREDUCATION, p.27 As many as 12 universities across Australia will co-operate with a research project to determine how important high school mathematics study is for success in tertiary-level science courses. The University of Sydney has already decided to introduce maths prerequisites for certain courses […]

Press Release: Australian Deans of Science say ministerial change fails nation

January 12th 2018 Australian Deans of Science say ministerial change fails nation (download PDF) Australia’s Deans of Science have expressed their disappointment at the exclusion of science from the senior Ministry in a letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Following the recent reshuffle, the Australian Council of Deans of Science (ACDS) has highlighted the downside […]