Media release: ACDS response to the Universities Accord

Australian Universities Accord

The ACDS has made a submission to the Australian Universities Accord, providing a unique national perspective for University Science.

The ACDS submission focusses on the following areas:
1.3 The Nature and Purpose of Australian Higher Education
3.1 Quality Teaching Delivering Quality Learning
3.4 A System that delivers new Knowledge, Innovation and Capability
3.9 Investment and Affordability

Among the 12 recommendations made by the ACDS is a call for the dismantling the Job Ready Graduates Package and the establishment of a governance structure that enables oversight and better coordination of all research schemes and ensures the right balance of discovery and research translation. Other recommendations include the establishment of a National body for teaching innovation along with recommendations regarding Work Integrated Learning; Research Training and Development and a call to action to ensure that research-informed teaching continues to be enshrined in universities.

You can read and download a PDF of the ACDS submission here.

April 12, 2023