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University leaders from across the sector unite in call for action on environment

The Australian Council of Environmental Deans and Directors, the Australian Council of Deans of Science, and the Australasian Council of Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities have come together to call for joint action in response to the State of Environment Report.
In a joint press release the three peak bodies united to call for an interdisciplinary approach to solving the environmental crisis facing Australia and emphasised the critical importance of university researchers, students and university leaders from every discipline to work together to solve the crisis outlined in the State of the Environment Report released this week.

The three groups welcome the deeply important emphasis placed on Indigenous knowledge within the report.
The new Minister for Environment Tanya Plibersek’s commitment to reform is significant, and the policy development necessary to prevent the total collapse of Australia’s natural environment will need input from every sector.
Leaders from Australia’s scientific and environmental sectors will play an important role in rehabilitation and reform while those from an arts, social sciences and humanities background will provide the means for real changes to human behaviour.
Social and economic factors cannot be underestimated and all three groups are joining their voices to call for investment in renewal across the full spectrum of research and policy development.
Without wholesale reform that includes input from every area of knowledge the future of Australia’s natural environment and the wellbeing of its people is at risk.

Professor Stuart Parsons President Australian Council of Environmental Deans and Directors
Professor Catharine Coleborne President Australasian Council of Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
Professor Melissa Brown President Australian Council of Deans of Science

July 2022