ACDS submission to the Universities Accord Panel – interim report

September 2023 Acds Submission

The ACDS has made a submission in response to the Universities Accord Panel’s interim report. The submission focuses on Teaching, Research and Sustainable funding.

The submission was developed in consultation with member universities and you can read the full submission here

The submission outlines areas of support but highlights areas where the ACDS urges further work by the Review Panel, including recommendations relating to:

  • Valuing and enabling research-informed teaching;
  • Re-establishment of an Education Investment Fund (EIF) or something similar, to enable fit for purpose teaching infrastructure;
  • Support for teaching excellence and innovation including grant funding and awards, through the proposed National Committee for Learning and Teaching;
  • Reframing and transforming the research funding landscape in Australia;
  • The need to dismantle the Job-ready graduate package and reverse the planned shortfall in science course funding, which will reduce the quality of science graduates at a time when they are in demand.

Other comments in the ACDS submission relate to the importance of Regional Universities; the need to recognize and celebrate the important and distinct difference between the purpose and outcomes of TAFE and University; and the potential for the Tertiary Education Commission to provide much needed and ongoing independent expert advisory function to universities, in addition to overseeing the proposed major changes to the Australian Higher Education system arising from the Universities Accord process.

The ACDS does not support the proposal to apply a levy to international student fee income, which will have a negative impact on attracting students to study in Australia.