Maths At Uq
First Year
Problem set, Video / Audio
Introductory Mathematics, Mathematics and statistics
The University of Queensland
Sep 2021

This resource covers foundational topics from fractions to matrices, providing pre-requisite support to students.

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About this resource


A library of dynamic modules with videos, quizzes, and problem sets. Topics covered are introductory mathematics which are pre-requisite for first-year mathematics courses.


Self-paced online learning modules; students complete specific modules as necessary.

Pedagogical backing


Many first-year students are not prepared for university-level course work in mathematics. Lecturers are tasked with closing the gap between the expectation of students’ mastery over basic mathematical skills and mathematical readiness.
This resource provides pre-requisite academic support to students that cannot usually be facilitated within university courses, allowing students to repair their mathematical foundation, gain confidence in their mathematical abilities and ultimately enhance their learning experience. In these modules, students recap on content by watching videos and are encouraged to pause the video to attempt problems, and then press play to view solutions. Quizzes are available for students to check their understanding.

How is the resource used

This resource can be provided as additional learning support for first-year mathematics courses. If a course specifically assumes certain pre-requisite topics (eg working with fractions or exponents), then the course coordinator can suggest that students struggling on these topics can review those particular modules as needed.

Student evaluation

1067 students have interacted with this resource since its release in 2020 semester 1. It is observed that students selectively engage with specific modules rather than systematically attempting all modules. The number of interactions peak at the beginning of semesters and plateaus thereafter. Students have expressed appreciation for the resource via informal feedback to lecturers using the modules as course support.


Vivian Lui – formerly at UQ
Wenbo Li
Tim McIntyre
Adam Piggott – formerly at UQ, now at ANU
Samuel Kault
Sara Herke
Patrick Sykes
Jacob Taylor
Current administrator: Michael Jennings

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