BioLab Collective – Foundational Laboratory Training

First Year, Honours / Postgraduate, Second Year, Third Year
Assessment, Open-ended activity
Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Life sciences, Medicine & Allied Health Sciences
University of Queensland
Mar 2021

Hands-on video demonstration of laboratory skills in molecular biosciences.

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About this resource


This Youtube channel has a series of hands-on video demonstrations of laboratory skills in molecular biosciences. Skills such as aseptic technique, microscopy, culture-based testing, and serial dilution are covered through a combination of theoretical discussions and hands-on visualisations. The resources are appropriate for use in undergraduate blended/online courses, as well as for postgraduate research training.


Several hours

Pedagogical backing


Visualisation of hands-on laboratory techniques can be powerful in blended learning environments, and support in-person laboratory training. As preparatory materials, the videos can guide students’ development of laboratory skills, enabling more effective use of in-class time and improving class outcomes. Furthermore, the provision of the theoretical underpinnings of techniques can deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of laboratory processes. The videos can be used to demonstrate techniques that may otherwise be unavailable to undergraduate students, for example when engaged in online laboratory classes. The videos can also be combined with assessment tasks (both online and in-person) to increase engagement.

How is the resource used

The videos can be provided as pre-laboratory preparation and/or deployed in online course offerings. For example, the videos were deployed in 2019 and 2020 for second year microbiology students (~400 students per semester). This resulted in positive student feedback specifically relating to video series, and strong engagement with learning resources. Since being made publicly available at the end of 2020, the channel has had 7K views, with over 400 total hours of watch time in December 2020 alone.


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