Solving challenges through collaborative innovation

Dr Bronwyn Fox

“Solving challenges through collaborative innovation” was the theme and focus of a presentation by CSIRO Chief Scientist – Professor Bronwyn Fox, in her presentation as part of the ACDS Extending the Research Culture of Australian University Science webinar series held in November 2022. 

If you missed out on the webinar you can view the presentation here.

Professor Fox spoke about the need for mission driven science and provided an overview of the mission of CSIRO, explaining the different programs of work, including across the three different Science Horizons:

Horizon 1:  Is on solving immediate challenges.  This program of work is underpinned by big D for Development and small R for research. The focus is on building capabilities for Future Science – including scaling and de-risking facilities. 

Horizon 2:  This phase is focussed on solving 5–10-year challenges; Catalysing the creation of new industries and is focussed on collaborative, bringing together industry and universities. 

Horizon 3: Is a5-year investment in discovery science. Focussed on solving 10-20 year challenges.

Her presentation outlined how the CSIRO Missions are bringing the ecosystem together to accelerate the pace and scale at which we solve national challenges, leveraging science and technology for impact.