Compare discipline TLOs

Science 379220 1280

The Science TLOs have now been translated to a range of science sub-disciplines, mathematics, and two related fields.  Discipline networks have taken a leading role in this work with learning outcomes statements published for biology (VIBEnet), biomedical science (CUBEnet), chemistry (Chemistry Discipline Network), Physics (AIP Education Special Interest Group) and mathematics (AMSLaT).  OLT-funded projects have produced TLOs for agriculture (AgLTAS) and environment and sustainability.

Alignment of discipline statements with the Science TLOs shows the ideas and themes brought together by our Science Discipline Scholars, Professors Sue Jones and Brian Yates have proved remarkably robust.   Comparison of Science TLOs and disciplines lines up outcomes from each sub-disciplinary statement against the parent statements from the Science TLOs .

The sub-disciplinary statements have uncovered some new ideas; cross-disciplinary and integrative knowledge, systems understanding and application.  Sub-disciplinary statements also introduce specific disciplinary knowledge and skills.

Science students study sub-disciplines in parallel; particularly in first year foundation subjects.  Disciplines delivery majors in the same science degree need to be assured of comparability between intended learning outcomes and in assessment design.  Use the comparison table to:

  • identify common learning outcomes to be reinforced across disciplines
  • inform shared development of disciplines in science degrees where students will study disciplines in parallel
  • identify common standards for assessment and quality assurance.