Bright ideas for Australian university science and maths

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This month sees the release of two issues on biology education futures from the International Journal of Innovative Science and Mathematics Education (IJISME).

Volume 22, Number 2

Volume 22, Number 3

This Australian education journal specializes in higher education and encourages contributions from Australian science and mathematics academics.  Over the last two years, IJISME has collated special issues on biomedical science and biology in collaboration with science disciplinary networks (CUBEnet and VIBEnet) and a special issue featuring projects from the SaMnet leadership project.  IJISME regularly publishes papers which build on presentations from the Australian Conference for Science and Mathematics Education (ACSME).

The Journal of Learning Design, another Australian education journal has also published a special issue in Science education in 2014.  Like IJISME, this journal features work from Australian academics built for Australian conditions.  If you are looking for bright ideas for curriculum development and innovation in learning and teaching, have a look at what is happening locally.