ACDS warns of impacts of proposed HE funding cuts

MEDIA RELEASE – Thursday August 24th 2017
Australia’s university system is the bedrock on which its STEM capability is built. Its graduates in STEM disciplines supply the expertise and over 70% of Australia’s scientific research is produced in its universities.
However, the higher education system has never properly funded research. This flaw in the system amplifies the impact of budget changes on STEM faculties as a variety of hidden cross subsidies and misunderstood connections come into play.
Universities Australia (UA) has demonstrated this yet again with its calculation of the impact of the proposed cuts to higher education on STEM disciplines (UA media release Science would be hardest hit by proposed university cuts 23 Aug 2017).
Carrying nearly 15% of the burden of cuts in science disciplines and 9% in mathematics and engineering, as shown by UA’s analysis, should be a serious concern to all Australians, not just the university departments that will be affected. They seriously undermine Australia’s efforts to prepare its young people and its economy for the future.
They particularly undermine the positive efforts of the National Innovation and Science Agenda, and many other efforts that the government is making in STEM education.
There is clearly good cause to rethink the proposed higher education cuts. The Australian Council of Deans of Science supports UA’s call on Parliament and the Senate to do so.
Media release: ACDS response to proposed budget cuts
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