ACDS TL Projects 2015

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This year the ACDS Executive has approved three ACDS TL projects to continue on themes raised at the ACDS TL Conferences: curated resources, guides for Faculties and translation to practice.

1. The SMART Directory of online resources goes into phase 2 to build an online searchable database of available science teaching and learning resource collections that can be updated by users.  In 2014, the project collected a database of science resource collections, constructed a dictionary of searchable tags and has begun work on the online platform.  The online SMART directory will invite user comments and proposals for additions to the resource.  Inital expert comments on resources will be invited from our science discipline networks.

Project leads:  Kirsten Zimbardi (UQ), Kay Colthorpe (UQ) and Malcolm Campbell (Deakin)

2. Construction of Assessment for Science page(s) for our website that collates core ideas in assessment with pointers to published case studies and ideas for action.  These pages will build on ALTC/OLT-funded projects on assessment in science and mathematical sciences such as BioAssess and MathsAssess and useful international resources.

Project leads:  Liz Johnson (Deakin) and Cristina Varsavsky (Monash)

3. A survey of the Implementation of the Science TLOs to keep you informed about curriculum design strategies and the national standards debate.  TLOs can inform both curriculum design and evidence for achievement standards.  Anecdotal feedback suggests Faculties are focusing on curriculum design but there is growing interest in shared achievement standards.  This project will collect views and experiences from School/Department-level teaching and learning leaders to explore what is happening in the classroom.

Project leads:  Sue Jones (UTas) and Liz Johnson (Deakin)