VisChem resources for Chemistry

Myphotoby Murray Small

VisChem (Visualizing Chemistry) is a research and development project to study the effectiveness of molecular-level visualization as a learning strategy, produce animations of chemical structures and processes at this level, and develop learning designs as best practice for using these visualisations for a deep understanding of chemistry. Visualization helps learners to use different ways to engage with what can be an abstract idea for many.  It also helps learners to consolidate information leaving them free to tackle more new concepts. The project is led by Prof Roy Tasker, OLT Fellow and Prime Minister’s Australian University Teacher of the Year for 2011.

The project web site – – has freely-downloadable animations, videos and support resources, and a YouTube demonstration of a research-tested learning design for implementing them in your teaching. There are also research publications for the background on the project.

More details about Roy’s research at Purdue University can be found at