Upcoming ACDS Research Leaders Network Webinar

Pexels Pixabay 163064 Research Network Meeting

The first Research Leaders Network webinar for 2021 will be held on Friday March 19.

The ACDS Research Leaders Network webinars were introduced in 2020 to provide those with responsibility for managing research and research higher degree students, at faculty level, with an opportunity to share their experiences, challenges and innovations in the face of the ongoing pandemic and Government policy changes.

The webinar on March 19 will seek members feedback on

  • a proposal to gather national data and case studies that show the state of research
  • how best to engage research students in the Graduate Innovation Forum that ACDS proposes to hold in partnership with ANSTO later this year.
  • what are the priorities for consideration at the next Research Network meetings, and what policy issues should feature on the ACDS website

Registration to attend the webinar is required. For further details email acdsexec@gmail.com