Science & Maths Teacher Education Workshop

Acde Mtg Audience

An historic workshop bringing together science & maths and education academics explored ideas for joint teacher education programs in Melbourne on Friday 5.  The workshop was jointly organized by the Australian Council of Deans of Education and the Australian Council of Deans of Science with generous support from the Office for Learning and Teaching.

The workshop was prompted by the recently announced funding program Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers, which is being administered by the OLT. The program is part of the Chief Scientist’s 2012 budget initiative and aims to drive development of collaborative teacher education programs for science and maths. It requires “faculties, schools or departments of science, mathematics and education collaborate on course design and delivery”.

Participants worked in mixed groups to identify key targets for innovative science & maths teacher education and to develop ideas for possible programs.  Discussion highlighted the importance of true collaboration and mutual respect for all the participating academic disciplines.  Further information from the workshop will be posted shortly on the ACDS TL Centre site and also on the ACDE website.