New ACDS project: Repository of online resources for science and mathematics teaching and assessment

Resource Repository

The ACDS has launched a new project to create a repository of online resources for science teaching and assessment and is providing funding  to drive this development.

Due to the current global health crisis, universities have been required to cancel all face-to-face classes and switch to emergency remote teaching. With not much time for planning, Faculties of Science had to think creatively about how to deliver their classes online. In this emergency planning academics and support staff were required to think outside the box to generate solutions that would allow their students to complete the subjects they were enrolled in. While some solutions put in place were emergency solutions not to be applied in normal times, it is likely that in this flurry of activity and creative thinking new approaches and resources were developed that will be adopted after the crisis is over.

This project will provide a mechanism for sharing these resources across the ACDS member institutions. It will provide funds to create a repository of curated remote teaching and assessment resources developed across Faculties of Science, particularly those resources that would benefit teachers and students of large mainstream subjects.

We are seeking academics to lead this development in four broad discipline areas: chemistry, life sciences, mathematics and physics. Up to $10,000 are available to each discipline leader to establish a framework for this repository and  to gather and curate current resources. 

Applications close on July 31. Download guidelines and application form.

Image:Thanks to ThisisEngineering RAEng for sharing their work on Unsplash.