Leadership in learning and teaching science in tertiary education


The ACDS has supported a project focused on leadership in learning and teaching in science in Australian Universities.

The skills successful students need for the 21st century such as critical thinking and innovation, map strongly to the pedagogies of science and mathematics teaching. Future leaders in learning and teaching in science and mathematics, require a knowledge base for embedding creative and innovative thinking, as well as the necessary skills required to effect transformation at the higher education level. Leadership in learning and teaching in higher education occurs across many levels. We are interested in leadership qualities in Australian academics, in science learning and teaching education.

Data from this survey will be used to develop an understanding about the skills required and the support needed for academic leaders in science learning and teaching, which may help the identification of professional development activities in the future.

If you wish to contribute to this study please complete the survey below.


Academics at any level and in any field of science, such as mathematics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, pharmacology, are welcome to participate.

If there are any questions please contact Associate Professor Deanne Skelly d.skelly@griffith.edu.au