Indigenous Science Webinars

Indigenous Science

The Indigenous Science Community of Practice (CoP) supported by the ACDS is gathering momentum. This CoP grew out of the ACDS project to develop a website with curated resources to give tertiary science educators a starting resource in their quest to incorporate Indigenous knowledges, pedagogies, and perspectives in their teaching. You can see the website here.

The CoP, led by Angela Ziebell (Deakin University) and Lisa Godinho (The University of Melbourne), has been meeting regularly since the beginning of the year. Faculties of science are increasingly introducing new units of study in this area, and also reviewing their science offerings to integrate Indigenous perspectives into their existing courses. Academics leading these developments often feel ill equipped to deliver the expected outcomes. The network is a great avenue for them to share experiences and resources and collectively build up their confidence and expertise.

Recent webinars of this CoP include:

  • Embedding Indigenous Science into mainstream STEM curriculum, presented by Reva Ramiah, Brenda Rohl, Tracey Kickett, and Allison Blyth, Curtin University. The team from Curtin University presented about the development of an Indigenous Science unit of study, and focused on the partnerships formed with the local Indigenous community for the design and delivery of the unit. << View recording >>
  • Better in Blak: an ethical journey towards decolonising the Science curriculum through exposure to Indigenous Knowledge systems, presented by Matthew Pye, Rebecca Cross, and Fran van den Berg, The team argued that science education, and specifically the teaching of biology with its very roots in Country, is in a unique position to lead the way in decolonising our curricula, and showed their contribution to this goal with the introduction of a new immersive science unit that integrates indigenous knowledges. << View recording >>
  • The National Indigenous Science Education Program: Facilitating Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in Secondary and Higher Education, presented by Joanne Jamie (Macquarie University) and Deb Breckenridge (DET, NSW). This program won a Eureka award for pioneering collaboration with Indigenous communities. << Video recording>>

You are invited to join this network to learn from others through sharing experiences and resources, and exploring new ideas. To register, complete your details here.