Draft discipline TLOs

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The ACDS TL Centre has worked with the Science discipline networks in biology, biomedical science, chemistry, mathematical sciences and physics to collate draft TLOs from each network.  These are living documents with notes supporting the disciplinary interpretation are still being developed.

We have attached notes from each discipline network on how each set of draft TLOs were developed.  The discipline interpretation of the TLOs and their development were discussed at the ACDS TLO workshop on Feb 22, 2013.

Our discipline scholars, Brian Yates and Sue Jones, are leading a project to construct good practice guides for the Science TLOs.  This project, together with the work of the discipline networks, will provide examples and ideas for faculties and science academics to embed the TLOs in undergraduate science degrees.

Download the draft documents from the Networks page  and visit the networks site to see work in progress.