AgLTAS project

Agltas Team

The AgLTAS Project: A consensus approach to defining standards for learning outcomes and informing curricula design for Agriculture

Several Australian discipline groups have published Standards Statements, contributing to the national regulation and quality assurance framework currently being developed in the higher education sector. The Standards Statement for Science included a statement describing the nature and extent of science, a set of Threshold Learning Outcomes (TLOs) and explanatory notes on the interpretation of the TLOs. TLO statements represent threshold or minimum levels of achievement that are expected of a bachelor level graduate. The Ag-LTAS project aims to adapt the nationally agreed TLOs for Science to the specialist, Agriculture discipline. Led by the University of Tasmania, with collaboration from Charles Sturt University, the University of Western Sydney and the University of Adelaide, we are developing Agriculture-specific TLOs by consulting with industry stakeholders as well as academics, students and the Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture. The resulting Standards Statement for Agriculture will be trialled to benchmark academic standards achieved in the four partner universities, which will be disseminated as case-studies that will form the basis for the development of future Good Practice Guides. For more information and to sign up to the project newsletter visit