ACDS TL Centre fellowship report

The OLT has published Liz Johnson’s fellowship report describing the establishment of the ACDS TL Centre.

The report presents a model for learning and teaching support in science and mathematics that draws together action by individuals, institutions and disciplines.  The complex business of curriculum development, quality assurance and teaching delivery requires nuanced support offered at multiple levels that can be tailored for local situations.  The fellowship report describes the rationale for creation of the ACDS TL Centre and how it links to other learning and teaching groups and resources.

Liz’s fellowship also looked at what support Faculties of Science say they need.  Interviews and workshops with Associate Deans Teaching & Learning and with teaching & learning leaders working in the SaMnet project reinforced the objectives of the ACDS TL Centre and the need for concerted action from discipline networks, OLT fellowships and projects and local support groups.

The report can be downloaded from the OLT’s resource library .