ACDS Teaching and Learning Conference 2015

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The 2015 ACDS Teaching and Learning Conference will be held in Brisbane from July 16-17.  Faculties of Science are invited to send delegates along to the conference including Associate Deans of Learning & Teaching or equivalents.

Themes for the meeting include:

  • Assessment: Keynote – Prof Royce Sadler (University of Queensland)
  • Benchmarking Science degrees: Keynote –– Prof Pip Pattison (University of Sydney)
  • Leadership strategies for ADTLs: Keynotes – Prof Craig McInnes (Phillips KPA, Prof Hamish Coates (University of Melbourne)
  • Work-integrated learning: Keynote – Prof Janet Hergt (University of Melbourne)

The meeting will also have presentations from our current Science OLT Fellows (Roy Tasker, Pauline Ross and Joe Shapter), the OLT/ETMST projects and the Chief Scientist, Prof Ian Chubb.  The conference program is available here.