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University of Technology Sydney

The Forum has been cancelled

The Australian Council of Deans of Science (ACDS) is holding a national forum to showcase emerging organisations and cultures engaged in collaboration between university researchers and companies. The forum will hear from organisations and from industry and university personnel involved; their collaborations, their shared goals, how they work, what sustains their collaboration, and the nature of their innovations.

Focus for the 2022 forum:

In this forum, the first of what is intended as an annual event, the ACDS will explore collaborative organisational initiatives occurring at a different scale from institutions like Co-operative Research Centres, CSIRO and Rural R&D corporations. Of particular interest are the ARC funded Research Hubs and Training Centres, some NCRIS nodes and university research centres, which tend to engage more with SME’s.

The 2022 forum will provide an opportunity to explore the breadth of goals, aspirations and operating models and outcomes that are contributing to the translation of science, stronger industry-university engagement and more adventurous innovation.

Among its outcomes the ACDS expects that the forum will provide some practical insights into how companies approach university science and draw on it to come up with novel and more adventurous innovations; and in turn how this affects the views and aspirations of university researchers.

What you will take away from the forum

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Gain insights about models of collaboration and research translation

The considerable preponderance of SME’s in Australian industry has long been considered both a distinguishing feature and a challenge for Australian innovation, as has the organisation and career structures of universities.

The forum will showcase the approaches taken by these new organisations and how they are meeting these challenges.

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Get inspired by the emerging talent from science and industry working together

Doctoral research students and early career researchers provide a substantial interface between university science and industry. They provide a backbone for exchange of knowledge and techniques, and an interface between the cultures of university and industry.

The forum will provide an opportunity to see how their role is evolving, and what changes are occurring in their goals and aspirations in regard to both industry and university careers.

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Hear the experience and views of speakers from industry and university about their collaboration

Get inspired by a program featuring keynote speakers, industry trailblazers and early career researchers. The forum will also include thought-provoking panels that will lead discussion around how organisations such as ITRHs and ITTCs are contributing to the advancement of science and what is unique in the way they are making a difference for building Australian sovereign capability.

There will also be roundtable discussions and networking opportunities to discuss what changing/transforming in the national innovation landscape.

Date and location

The Forum has been cancelled

Organising Committee and further information

Enquiries should be emailed to:

  • Chair – Professor John Bartlett (ACDS Director, National Research Forum) 
  • Co-Chair – Professor John Rice (Executive Director, ACDS)
  • Professor Antonio Patti (Monash University and ARC Training Centre for Green Chemistry in Manufacturing)
  • Professor Stella Valenzuela (University of Technology Sydney and ARC Research Hub IDEAL)
  • Associate Professor Craig Priest (University of South Australia and Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF-SA) and ARC IDEAL Research Hub)
  • Professor Abigail Elizur (University of Sunshine Coast and GeneCology)
  • Professor Virginia Kilborn (Swinburne University)
  • Professor Eileen McLaughlin (University of Wollongong)