ACSME 2022: It’s a wrap

Acsme Dinner Celebration

What a wonderful conference ACSME 2022 was! Just under 190 academics, professional staff and students came to share their experiences. Most participants attended in-person but the hybrid event enabled those unable to travel to Perth the opportunity to present remotely, and also engage with colleagues.

The theme “An Education for All: Accessible, Equitable, Sustainable” was evident throughout the conference with a variety of creative and inclusive approaches to science education discussed. This included recognising and accommodating the increasing diversity of our students and strategies to incorporate indigenous knowledge into the curriculum. It was also great to see how adjustment to teaching during lockdown is now generating improved assessment and resources that are more authentic and accessible.

Individual presentations ranged over a large number of topics and challenges, and showcased the breadth and depth of the work that goes into making the curriculum and experience of science students and graduates meaningful and of the highest quality.

Discipline day followed with workshops on – Embedding diversity, equity and inclusion in Australian STEM higher education; A participatory workshop – Teaching science students to communicate, and Transitional approaches to teaching in the superlab environment.  In the afternoon this was followed by meetings for the discipline networks for discussions on topics of current interest: Chemistry Discipline Network; Biology and Biomedical Networks (VIBEnet / CUBEnet / Bioscience Education Australia Network); Environment Network – Fieldwork for the new normal;  Physics Education Network (PEN); and the Mathematics Discipline Network/FYiMaths .

ACSME 2022 Conference Proceedings

The conference proceedings are available online

IJISME special issue: ACSME 2022

All ACSME 2022 presenters are invited to make a submission to the IJISME Special Issue: ACSME 2022 on the work presented at ACSME 2022.

This special issue will be published in mid-2023. Please submit your manuscripts via the IJISME website by 20 February 2023. You can email Ana Lopes if you have any questions.

Save the date for ACSME 2023

Next year ACSME will be in Hobart with some sessions online, from August 30-September 1, 2023. (Note different dates from usual since there is no longer a common non-teaching week.) The theme is “The changing climate of science education”.