ACDS Centre for Teaching and Learning
The ACDS Centre for Teaching and Learning supports quality teaching and learning in science and mathematics in higher education.


Professor Russell Crawford
Dean of Science
Swinburne University of Technology

Admin Contact: Ms Maria Han
Phone: 03 9214 8504
Fax: 03 9214 8264


Professor Warren Lawrance
Executive Dean of Science and Engineering
Flinders University

Admin Contact: Ms Rachel Gein
Phone: 08 8201 3692
Fax: 08 8201 3692


Professor Bruce Milthorpe
Dean of Science
University of Technology Sydney

Admin Contact: Ms Lea Baldwin
Phone: 02 9514 1752
Fax: 02 9514 1656

Executive Director

Professor John Rice
Honorary Professor
Department of Mathematics
and Statistics
University of Sydney

Admin Contact
Mobile: 0438 438 097

The Australian Council of Deans of Science recognises the critical role science plays in fostering creativity and innovation in Australia. Support for fundamental research is essential for Australia's future. Key to the future is ensuring the development of the next generation of scientists.

The Council has a long term vision to enhance science education at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education across Australia as well as in the wider community. Every community and individual has the right to be educated on scientific issues that affect them.

A scientifically literate community will encourage informed community participation in debate and also encourage interest in science among young people. To achieve this, the ACDS believes:

  • All primary teachers should have a minimum level of science literacy.
  • Greater investment is needed in the development of science teachers in high schools.
  • Universities should be funded for staff and infrastructure to ensure a quality education for the next generation of scientists and to continue community science outreach.

The council aims to influence the development of policy relevant to research, research training, science education, scientific literacy and ensure a sustainable funding base is available to provide career paths to scientists and avoid permanently losing our most talented scientists to other countries.

The Council's principles are outlined in more detail in the policy framework.

The Council is made up of senior representatives of Australian universities involved in teaching science and / or scientific research.

A Background in Science: What science means for Australian Society
Dr Kerri-Lee Harris, Centre for the Study of Higher Education