ACDS launches new publication – Australian University Science

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Exposing the impact of university science on society, innovation, and on addressing global challenges

Australia’s strong science research and education are integral to how our Australian society and economy develops. Universities have a critical role as partners in innovation, leading to improved, smarter technologies and better, healthier lives.

University science delivers big new ideas, new tools, and most importantly graduates who can understand how to put these to work.

Australian University Science is a new biannual publication, commissioned by the ACDS, that highlights the role of university science and its impact.

Issue 1 explores university science’s influence on the development of the hydrogen economy, profiles Australian science graduates working in industry and showcases the exceptional science at the ARC Centre for Excellence in Electromaterial Science. These examples provide critical insight into how Australian university science informs, partners and drives innovation domestically and internationally.

Future issues will cover sustainability in agriculture, water security, quantum computing, innovations from space science and new biologies.

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