President’s Welcome

brian_yatesThe Australian Council of Deans of Science (ACDS) was constituted in 1995 to be the voice of science teaching and research in the university system. It comprises the deans of science faculties and senior representatives of science from across Australia’s universities.

Science provides the key to understanding the physical world. As well as the fundamental knowledge provided by science, its application is central to our ability to live in the modern world, to provide resources, to grow our economy, and to care for our community, our health and our environment. The ACDS advocates science research and education as essential partners in innovation and technological change, and as key enablers of individuals to participate in and harness the benefits of change through their better understanding of the world in which we live. It encourages universities, schools, business and government to adopt policies that develop a strategic, co-ordinated and balanced approach to all of these aspects of science.

While maintaining its strong advocacy for scientific research, the ACDS also supports the development of excellence in teaching through its Teaching and Learning Centre. It advocates science education that embraces translation of knowledge into solutions for global problems, new products and new technologies, and advocates the need to provide a variety of science understandings suitable to the needs and aspirations of a wide variety of individuals.

Professor Brian Yates

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