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For more than 27 years ACSME conferences have brought together educators from around the country and beyond, to share good practice and discuss the latest developments relevant to the teaching and learning of science and mathematics. ACSME is a strong community of university teachers, educational researchers, tutors and students who share the joy, successes, disappointments and challenges of science and mathematics teaching at university level.

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ACSME 2021 Resources

What a fantastic conference this was! Thank you to all keynote, oral, poster and workshop presenters, panellists, and participants for making ACSME 2021  online such an inspiring and engaging event. We have had a rich exchange of experiences and ideas that has no doubt given everybody something to take home and adapt to their own context.

Program with links to pre-corded talks

Keynote recordings

Panel discussions recordings

Christine Lindstrom (University of New South Wales), Dino Spagnoli (University of Western Australia), Matt Pye (University of Sydney), Juliey Beckman (Australian National University). Convener: Dr Andrew Kepert (University of Newcastle)

Stephen George-Williams (University of Sydney), Joanna Tai (Deakin University), Jo-anne Larkins (Federation University), Bonnie McBain (University of Newcastle), Adam Rosser (University of New England). Convener: Dr Shannan Maisey, University of New South Wales

Alice Motion (The University of Sydney), Gen Firmer (PhD student, former teacher in Northern Territory), Hilary Coleman (University of Canberra), Helen Georgiou (University of Wollongong), Ingrid Mendes (science/physics teacher at Sydney Grammar). Convener: Dr Reyne Pullen (The University of Sydney)

Discipline day workshops


2021 Conference theme: Sustainable transformation of science education

The pandemic forced us to carefully think about what a science education could look like today in order to equip graduates for the ever-changing world.  By necessity, faculties of science are engaged in large-scale experimentation with online delivery, in the process discovering what works well and what doesn’t. As we emerge from this highly disruptive experience, how will we reshape science education in a way that it is sustainable and meaningful for a complex world facing numerous challenges?

ACSME 2021 will explore this theme through many lenses, and will address questions such as:

  • What cannot be taught online effectively?
  • What does real science and mathematics teaching with technology look like??
  • What is the best blend of online and face-to-face teaching?
  • How should we change our assessment practices?
  • How do we make sure that no student is left behind in this transformation?
  • How do we engage the secondary school teachers to be part of this journey?

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