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ACDS Learning & Teaching Leaders Conference

ACDS Learning & Teaching Leaders Conference will be held on Thursday 19 July and Friday 20 July 2018 at The University of Adelaide, South Australia.

This conference invitation is extended to the Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning) or equivalent of each ACDS member faculty, Deans of Science, and emerging leaders. This is the premier event for faculty leaders in science teaching and learning, and the theme this year is: ‘Future Learning, Future Teaching’. Key note speakers include Professor Martin Westwell (Flinders University) and Professor Pauline Ross (The University of Sydney).

Dates: Thursday 19 July 2018 and Friday 20 July 2018

Place: University of Adelaide, South Australia

Costs: There is no registration fee, but delegates fund their own travel and accommodation.

Delegates: Deans and Associate Deans Learning & Teaching from ACDS member Faculties are invited. Faculties may nominate one further learning and teaching leader or emerging leader.

Registration: Please register here and also indicate if you will be attending the conference dinner.

Conference dinner: The conference dinner will be held on Thursday evening. Delegates should make their own way to the dinner venue, and as in previous years, a $50 co-payment towards the dinner is requested at the time of registration, receipts will be issued.

Conference organisers: Simon Pyke, (The University of Adelaide) & Karen Burke Da Silva, (Flinders University).

ACSME 2018 – registrations close soon!

ACSME 2018 registrations close soon on 14 September 2018 – last chance to register now! View the program here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Press Release: Australian Deans of Science say ministerial change fails nation

January 12th 2018

Australian Deans of Science say ministerial change fails nation (download PDF)

Australia’s Deans of Science have expressed their disappointment at the exclusion of science from the senior Ministry in a letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Following the recent reshuffle, the Australian Council of Deans of Science (ACDS) has highlighted the downside in making this change.

“It is a decision that seriously disadvantages the Australian people, who need a strong sustainable innovations system to power Australia’s economic development,” the letter says.

“The absence of senior advocacy for science betrays an absence of the kind of long term strategic thinking that other governments apply to their innovations systems.”

“Why would Innovation be separated from Science?’ asks ACDS President Brian Yates. ‘In the days of the National Innovation and Science Agenda the Prime Minister clearly thought they went together”

“Does he now think that the nation can plan for innovation without science?”

“Our Chief Scientists, current and former, made the case in spades for the connection between science and innovation. It’s a connection that is central to long term strategic planning and resourcing of the kind that you see in developed and developing 21st century economies,” he said.

“Leaving science out of senior government decision making will give the public little confidence that a government is on top of managing the complexity of an innovation driven economy. In the longer term it will undermine our economic competitiveness, and our ability to create jobs and growth.”

Professor Brian Yates, President ACDS

Professor John Rice, Executive Director ACDS

2017 AGM Program

The 2017 ACDS AGM was held at the Mercure Hotel Broadway, Sydney on October 23 and 24. It included a tour of the University of Sydney’s NanoScience Hub on the afternoon of the 23rd, followed by dinner at Darling Harbour at the Adria Bar Restaurant.

The AGM opening address was given by David Learmonth, Deputy Secretary, Higher Education, Research and International Cluster, DET, speaking on, among other things, research impact and industry engagement. It was then followed by a high profile panel, that included Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel, discussing building effective industry connections.