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Higher ed budget cuts – ACDS responds

  On Wednesday 23 August, Universities Australia released an analysis showing that science would bear a larger proportion of the impact of proposed cuts to the higher education budget.   Yesterday the ACDS released our response to this analysis, supporting Universities Australia’s call on Parliament and the Senate to rethink the proposed cuts.   We […]

National Research Forum – September 2017

25 – 26 September 2017 – Novotel Sydney Central As agreed in the ACDS Strategic Plan, the Australian Council of Deans of Science is convening a national network of research organisational leaders in Australia’s science faculties and schools. It is open to Deans, Associate Deans Research, Research Training, and allied leadership roles such as those […]

2016 AGM presentations

ACDS Annual General Meeting 2016 The ACDS AGM was held at the Australian Synchrotron in Melbourne on October 17 and 18.  The program drew out discussion on research impact, postgraduate education, work-integrated learning, standards and excellence in learning and teaching and the equity program, ATHENA SWAN. Participants toured the Australian Synchrotron which is looking forward […]

Evidence-based practice for STEM learning

‘…every university now has at its disposal the tools to improve undergraduate STEM teaching, and no defensible reason for not using them.’ (Bradforth et al, 2015)  The ACDS has launched its first occasional paper “Evidence-based Practice in Learning and Teaching for STEM disciplines” from Prof Tina Overton (Monash) and Prof Liz Johnson (Deakin). This paper presents […]

Re-thinking the Science PhD

Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, is a big fan of the PhD. His speech on July 29th, at the Park Royal Melbourne Airport, available here, makes a powerful case for an expanded vision of it. The PhD should return to its roots as an experience that creates deep, adaptable and capable thinkers, fit for a challenging world beyond discovery research. PhD students are not just ‘academics in utero’.  The […]

ACDS Receives $150,000 grant for Work Integrated Learning

The Office of the Chief Scientist has provided a $150,000 grant to the ACDS to establish a national network supporting work integrated learning in science faculties and schools. A call for co-funded lighthouse projects will go out in late August and a national forum will be held on December 11th at the Park Royal Hotel […]

Government announces Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda

The announcement amounts to six measures including industry growth centres and a package promoting STEM skills in schools. How it will impact the CRC program is canvassed in this CRC Association response.

Government Announces Commonwealth Science Committee

This committee replaces PMSEIC. The announcement details membership and includes a $12m STEM education package. Read press commentary from The Australian and Sydney Morning Herald More >

Consumer rights and deregulation

Are softer alternatives to hard prerequisites in danger of contravening consumer rights? A recent presentation from a deputy commissioner of the ACCC to UA makes some interesting observations about the legal obligation to represent fairly what a consumer (student?) can expect from a product (course?). More >